Building the UK’s largest residential fiber provider

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Hyperoptic is one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing residential fiber providers. Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic works with property owners, developers, residents and businesses to bring its market leading fiber broadband infrastructure to new buildings and existing developments. For six years in a row, Hyperoptic was awarded ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (2013-2018). Hyperoptic was acquired by KKR in 2019.

Investment Facts

We are incredibly grateful to Newlight for their unwavering support and significant contributions during Hyperoptic’s formative years to build the leading gigabit broadband provider in the UK.

Hyperoptic’s CEO on Newlight’s value to growing companies.

Background and Newlight Value Add

Newlight began its partnership with Hyperoptic in 2013, when the firm saw an opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial and accomplished management team with a track record of creating market leading ISPs. Hyperoptic had a proven business model with critical first-mover advantage in a market with high barriers to entry and a growing demand for super-fast, low latency broadband services. Newlight believed its resources could enable Hyperoptic to capitalize on the market opportunity in the UK, which had the lowest penetration of residential fiber services in Western Europe.

Business Development

Newlight introduced Hyperoptic to its network of UK property owners, developers, and investors to accelerate growth and create new business opportunities.

Capital Raising & Structuring

Newlight co-led capital raising efforts, including closing three debt facilities and raising a strategic, minority investment from a leading sovereign wealth fund.

Executive Recruitment & Alignment

Newlight worked with management to develop an equity incentive plan, offering Hyperoptic personnel meaningful economic interest in growth and operational improvements. The firm helped recruit and build out the leadership team during the company’s rapid growth.

Operational Assistance

Newlight helped develop Hyperoptic’s reporting dashboards and key performance indicators, enabling management to more efficiently measure day-to-day operations and monitor growth. Newlight also leveraged its operational expertise by assisting management with annual budgeting, long-range planning, and identifying expansion opportunities.

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