Bioenergy Development Group

Developing sustainable alternatives to traditional waste management solutions

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Founded in 2017, Bioenergy Development Group (“BDG”) is the holding company for Bioenergy Devco (“BDC”), a leading developer of anaerobic digestion facilities, and BTS Biogas Srl/GmbH (“BTS Biogas”), a global technological leader in the design, construction and operation of anaerobic digestion plants.

The company employs proprietary technologies to convert organic waste streams into renewable natural gas and environmentally friendly byproducts such as high-grade compost. Through BTS Biogas, the company has built and operated more than 150 anaerobic digestions facilities worldwide, servicing high-volume organic waste generators in the agricultural and food processing space.

Investment Facts
  • Status: Current
  • Sector:  Decarbonization
  • Investment Year: 2019
  • Region: North America

Newlight's collaborative approach, industry expertise and contribution of time and resources have been instrumental in building the business. We look forward to continuing to leverage the relationship as we take BDG to the next level.

BDG’s Founder & CEO on Newlight’s support of the company’s mission

Background and Newlight Value Add

Newlight partnered with BDG in 2019 with the belief that its experience with newly formed companies would complement BDG’s talented and focused management team. There is a large and growing demand for alternatives to traditional waste management solutions such as landfills, land application and incineration. With anaerobic digestion capabilities, BDG offers a superior waste disposal solution, both economically and environmentally, producing renewable natural gas and reducing overall costs and environmental impact.

Introduction to Customer & Partners

Newlight leveraged its extensive network of relationships in the agricultural and food processing space, providing executive introductions to prospective customers and strategic partners.

Capital Raising & Structuring

Newlight provided capital to support strategic M&A and to jumpstart BDG’s project pipeline in the early days of the business, before third-party project financing was available.


Newlight deployed its expertise with new growth companies by assisting management in setting the strategic direction of the business. Newlight then supported implementation of the strategy, including working alongside management to execute on acquisition opportunities and establishing a management equity incentive plan to align interests of the stakeholders.

Executive Recruiting

Newlight offered BDG the benefit of its network by assisting in recruiting key additional senior management members to broaden and strengthen the team, and by tapping seasoned operating executives with relevant industry expertise to serve on the board of directors.

Operational Assistance

Newlight and its operating partners worked closely with the BDG management team in the formation of the business, helping build out and scale the business infrastructure and systems, and select third-party servicers and vendors.

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